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Lichty Ukuleles Available for Immediate Sale

Jay currently builds concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles. While the majority of Lichty instruments are built for custom orders, this is the page where you will find a limited selection of currently available handmade ukuleles for sale. What is really special about these “non-custom” instruments is that Jay worked in the shop building each with whatever combination of woods and designs he felt personally inspired to craft. There are no “standard Lichty models” to choose from. The results are always heirloom quality instruments that are stunning visually and acoustically. You could be playing one of these beauties in just a few days! Feel free to call Jay (828-817-1460) or to email him if you have any questions. See currently available guitars at the Handmade Acoustic Guitars for Sale page.

Interested in a custom ukulele?  Head on over to our Customize Your Own Ukulele Page and then run the numbers via our price calculator

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Kimo Hussey playing a custom Lichty Ukulele

Yours are truly MAGNIFICENT instruments and they make me more committed to do my best to have ukulele people see and hear them. Lichty Ukuleles continuously redefine QUALITY and push that horizon farther still. My experience and knowledge of ukulele tell me yours rates among the very best I’ve ever seen or played. – Hawaiian ukulele player and ambassador Kimo Hussey

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Currently Available Ukuleles


Cocobolo Tenor Ukulele

Features: Long neck low G tenor ukulele, Cocobolo back, sides and headplate, Sinker Redwood top, mahogany neck, ebony radiused fretboard with bloodwood binding, ebony bridge, bloodwood body binding,  side soundport, Paua Abalone rosette, slotted and bound headstock, camel bone bridge and saddle, Rubner tunes, K & K pickup


Out on the Kalahari (Jay Lichty)     


Ziricote Bard Baby

Features: Baby Bard guitar body style featuring a cutaway, Nylon string, Ziricote back and sides, Carpathian spruce top, mahogany neck, sound port, ebony radiused bound fretboard with a zero fret, ebony bridge, slotted headstock, koa binding, camel bone nut and saddle, ziricote rosette, K&K pickup, beveled armrest

On Hold

Fountains of Jody (Jay Lichty)     

Rambling (Jay Lichty)     

Never My Love (Donald and Richard Addrisi)     

Special Opportunity –

While you can rarely find a used Lichty Guitar or Ukulele on the market, these special ukuleles has only been played a few times and are now up for sale. We are making these available on our website to help out one of our favorite customers. These custom instruments were crafted as a part of a special multi-instrument project. The buyer wanted a series of instruments, each with his favorite combination of woods – Ziricote and Carpathian Spruce. In other words – Jay built a matching collection. Our friend Dan, who ordered these custom ukuleles, is so totally in love with several of the other custom Lichty’s he owns that he has played this one very little. He’d like for them to be out in the world and being enjoyed and played.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk to Jay about these instruments.

He might just give you a great deal on the pair!

Pre-owned Ziricote Concert Ukulele, U74

Features: Long scale concert ukulele, ziricote back, sides and headplate, Carpathian spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony radiused fretboard with koa binding, ebony bridge, koa body binding, slotted headstock, side soundport, ziricote rosette

Special Pricing: $3,700

See images of this Ziricote Concert Ukulele Construction from the beginning

Audio Samples 

Out on the Kalahari (Jay Lichty)     

I Don't Know How to Love Him (Andrew Lloyd Webber)     

And I Love Her (Beatles)     




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