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Custom Handmade Acoustic Guitars and Custom Ukuleles

North Carolina custom guitar builder Jay Lichty builds one-of-a-kind custom handmade acoustic guitars and custom ukuleles. Crafted from the finest quality tonewoods and materials American made Lichty guitars and ukuleles are played and praised by top performing artists from Australia to Nashville.

Handmade Ukuleles

Interested in a one-of-a-kind handmade ukulele? See and hear the instruments we currently have in stock and see examples of recent custom ukulele projects.

Locally Crafted Adventure with Lichty Guitars

Locally Crafted Adventure with Lichty Guitars

With the release of a lovely video produced by the folks at Windstream came lots of oohs and ahhs and too, questions about the project. I think it is always fun to get a feel for what goes on behind...

Handmade Acoustic Guitars

While we specialize in building custom instruments, we do offer a great selection of handmade acoustic guitars available for immediate sale. Learn more about what's in stock and take a look at custom guitar options.