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Custom Handmade Acoustic Guitars and Custom Ukuleles

North Carolina acoustic guitar builder Jay Lichty builds one-of-a-kind custom handmade acoustic guitars and custom ukuleles. Crafted from the finest quality tonewoods and materials American-made Lichty guitars and ukuleles are played and praised by top performing artists from Australia to Nashville. Contact Jay today to have him build you your dream guitar or uke!

Custom Ukuleles

Interested in a one-of-a-kind handcrafted ukulele? See and hear the ukuleles we currently have in stock and learn how to have a custom ukulele designed and crafted just for you.

The Lichty Guitars' Story

Filmmaker Erik Olsen captured the spirit of Lichty Guitars in this wonderful short film. Click on the image to adventure into the shop with us. See addition videos featuring Lichty Guitars and the Art of the Luthier.

Custom Acoustic Guitars

Imagine playing a fine handcrafted guitar ... better yet, imagine playing a custom guitar designed and crafted just for you! Check out instruments we have in stock and learn how to order your own dream guitar.