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The Lichty Parlor Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Sizes - Parlor Guitars

Luthier Jay Lichty builds a wide variety of custom handmade acoustic guitars and ukulele. One classic style that is popular is the parlor guitar. The term “parlor guitar” dates back to the days before recorded music when entertainment was live and it occurred in the “parlors” (though we’d like to point out the hottest music on these small-bodied guitars was most likely cooking on the front porches and in the back streets). Back in the day the parlor was actually the more common guitar size. Today, the term has become a catch-all to describe small bodies guitars. Contrary to popular myth, their compact size isn’t designed for women or for smaller players. Their size and design allows for a perfect balance of frequencies. One of the most common things we hear when folks pick up a Lichty Parlor to play is, “Wow, such a big full sound from such a small guitar.” It’s small size makes it the ideal travel partner, as it can fit in the overhead compartment on most airplanes. Its full spectrum tone makes it a powerful tool for the singer/songwriter.

While they were most popular around the turn of the 20th Century, in the 21st Century parlor guitars are experiencing a renaissance amongst guitar players both in USA and internationally. We are excited to be a part of that revival!

* If you love a small-bodied instrument we invite you to get familiar with the nylon string Dream Guitar *

Dimensions: Lower Bout: 12 1/2, Waist: 8 1/4,Upper Bout: 9 1/4, Overall, Length: 37, Depth: 4 1/4,Body Length: 18 3/8, * Nut Width: as specified per order

Base Price: $4,200.

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